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1.5V Battery

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The 1.5V Battery is the perfect power source for a variety of devices including cameras, calculators, alarm clocks, and remote controls. This batteries model is AAA R03 R3C, and it provides a voltage of 1.5 volts with a height of 41 mm and diameter of 814 mm. With a capacity of 3.9 ohms and 24 hours/day use, this battery will keep your devices running for a long time. Additionally, the zinc manganese MO2 chemistry (non-mercury, non-cadmium) makes this battery safe and environmentally friendly. Get the power you need with the 1.5V Battery.


Product Specifications:

Battery type: AAA 1.5V Zinc-manganese battery

Battery Model: AAA

Voltage: 1.5V Height: 41 mm Diameter: 814 mm

Capacity: 3.9 ohms, 24 hours / day, 360 minutes

Chemistry: Zinc manganese MO2 (non-mercury, non-cadmium)