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Clothes Folding Board

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Looking for an easy way to fold your clothes? Look no further than the Clothes Folding Board! This handy tool is made of high quality, durable PP material, and is strong enough to withstand repeated use. The movable ring design means that it can be adjusted to different thicknesses, making it perfect for folding all kinds of garments. And the best part is that it only takes 3 seconds to fold a piece of clothing – even kids can do it! So say goodbye to messy closets and drawers, and make your life a little bit easier with the Clothes Folding Board.


Product Specifications:
Model: Clothes folding board
Material: Impact resistant PP composite plastic
Color: Blue/Red
Unfolding size: 69x56cm/27x22"
Folding size: 22x30.5cm/8.7x12"
Quantity: 1 pc


Packaged includes:
1x Clothes folding board