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Magnetic Fast Wireless Power Bank For iPhone

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Small and compact Strong magnet which hold to the phone with a worry of it falling off on the iPhone 12’s. 

USB-C can also charger other devices via a cable. 

Has the MagSafe charging animation. 

Comes with 1 metal ring to attach to non MagSafe

Compatible: mobile phones above iphone8, and other mobile phones that support wireless charging 

Compatible with Huawei xiaomi PD22.5W 

super fast charge: PD20w power bank + 15W wireless charger

[product capacity]: 5000mAh/10000mAh

[product size]: 5000mAh:110*65*10mm 120g/10000mAh 110*68*17 mm 185g

Standard configuration: package + machine + data line + instruction

[product features]:

1. Pd20w magnetic absorption power bank + 15W wireless charging

2. The charging protocol is stable and does not burn.

3.Wireless charging for mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets. 

Package: 1*power bank