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Universal Automatic Door Closer

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Introducing the Universal Automatic Door Closer, the perfect and versatile solution for a variety of door types. From light doors to heavier ones, this product has you covered with three different pull strengths (500g pull for lighter doors, 800g pull for normal doors, 1000g pull for heavier doors). It is a universal auto close and can be used on refrigerator doors, sliding doors, kitchen cabinets and other door types. Designed with quality in mind, this product offers maximum convenience striving to simplify day-to-day use. For added security, its punch-free automatic lock sensor provides extra assurance that your home or office is safe at all times. Don't wait any longer - get the peace of mind that comes with using the Universal Automatic Door Closer today!



Product: Automatic Door Closer
Type: No punching
Closing Speed: 3 seconds
Features: Quiet
Pulling Force: 500/800/1000g pulling force